KLEEMANN announced the launching of their new products in the Greek and European markets during the Hellas Lift 2010 trade fair, which was organized with great success in Athens from April 15 to April 18.

More specifically, the new product line “KLEEMANN DESIGN” consists of avant-garde designs in cabins and doors, a result of the company's collaboration with the world-renowned Industrial Designer, Andreas Zapatinas. Visitors had the opportunity to attend the presentation by the creator of KLEEMANN DESIGN, M. Zapatinas, who analyzed the concept as a whole as well as the inspiration sources of the new designs.

Composed of three styles, futuristic, modern and classic, «KLEEMANN Design» transforms the lift space into a unique experience for today’s user. It should be noted that Andreas Zapatinas is well known in the automotive industry for designing various models for leading companies such as BMW, Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Within the context of the trade fair, KLEEMANN also presented its new lifts, “Green Edition”, which are based on “green” technology, with inverters that contribute substantially to saving energy.

With emphasis being placed so much on high technology products as in design, KLEEMANN impressed visitors, setting innovation once again as the main focus of its strategic design.