KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A. proceeded with the incorporation of a 100% owned subsidiary under the trade name "HONG KONG ELEVATOR SYSTEMS LIMITED" headquartered in Hong-Kong. The purpose is to expand the business activities, in the wider region of Southeast Asia and Oceania. The initial share capital of the new Subsidiary amounts to € 1 thousand and was covered 100% by KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A.


Kleemann Group focuses on penetrating in foreign markets with growth potential such as the Middle East and Asia by setting up subsidiaries or representative offices. This was said by the chairman of Kleemann, Mr. Nicholaos Koukountzos, during the ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders, while he also referred to developmental activities being currently promoted, including the printed and online advertising campaign launched to support new innovative products "Kleemann Design " and the program for withdrawing aged elevators. He also mentioned the completion of the high speed testing tower in the fall of 2010.

It should be noted that the General Assembly approved the retention of the gross dividend for the year 2009 same as at 2008, ie 0.12 euros per share. Consequently, the dividend yield given the current level share price is 6.97%.

The date of determination of the beneficiaries of the dividend is set as the Friday 16th July 2010. The beneficiaries of the dividend are those persons registered in the records of the DSS on the above-mentioned date of determination of beneficiaries (record date). The ex date is set as the Wednesday 14th July 2010. The payment of the dividend of the financial year 2009 will start on Thursday 22nd 2010.

During the General Meeting that took place with the participation of 72.97% of the company's share capital, there was a unanimous approval of the Company's Annual Financial Statements, for the fiscal year 01.01-31.12.2009, as well as of the Board of Directors' and the Auditors' Reports for the same period.

The General Meeting also approved the replacement of the non-executive resigned board member, Mr. Dimitrios Daios by Mrs. Maria Karadedoglou. The new member is added to the already existing ones and its term will expire simultaneously with that of the current board, ie 30.06.2014.